Ariel 650 Huntmaster Project


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1959 Ariel 650 Huntmaster
Taken off the road in 1991 when the mag started acting up. The tank, mudguards were repainted, the wheels rebuilt with stainless spokes, new shockers, 2 into 1 exhaust, seat, wiring loom, levers, but never put back together. The original mag has been reconditioned, refitted and the engine now runs, sounds good, but the carb needs stripped and cleaned and the timing cover and rocker box gaskets replaced. I have old and new seats, old rusty exhaust and new two into one.
Bad points- the chrome on the rear wheel rim and handlebars has started to rust, the tyres are cracked, various nuts and bolts missing.
An easy project that could be back on the road after a few days work.

  • Engine : 650cc twin
  • Make : Ariel
  • Model : Huntmaster
  • Year : 1959