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1970 BSA B25 with a Triumph T100SS 500 twin engine. A very nice classic bike that’s lovely to ride, built a few years ago and only covered 1987 miles since. New Electrex Digital Ignition and new Amal carb makes for easy starting and smooth running. Registered as a 500, historic vehicle.

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1955 BSA M33 500cc. Was last on the road in 1982, shortly after was stripped for restoration but sold on before work started. Years later the engine was stripped and overhauled, the frame, mudguards, etc. were powder coated, but it wasn't put back together until recently. It starts, runs well, sounds good, all electrics work, but needs some minor work to finish off. Phone for details

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1972 Honda SL100. A lovely little classic bike just in from the states. 3316 miles on the clock believed genuine and the way it runs and sounds could well be. Comes with American title and nova to register as a historic vehicle - free road tax and no mot requirements.

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1981 Yamaha XS650 project. Imported from the states where it sat unloved for a good few years. I’ve had the engine running on carb spray and it sounded good with no undue noises or smoke. Comes with the air boxes which had been removed to enable the carbs to be stripped and cleaned (still to be done), original high handlebars, American title and nova.

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1978 Kawasaki Z650 - Project. Imported from the states where it was used regularly up until 1985. The carbs are stuck and will need seeing to, the ignition switch, seat lock, dash lights are missing. I hot wired the ignition and it started on carb spray, rev’ed and sounded good. New old stock seat. Comes with USA title and nova to register. Reduced to clear.

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1982 Honda CB900 project. Imported from the states where it sat unused for a couple of years. I reconnected the battery, some fresh fuel, pressed the starter button and it started instantly and sounded good/loud with no undue noises or smoke. Number 1 carbs dripping so going to need attention and brakes need attention.  Comes with USA title and nova to register. Price reduced to clear.

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1969 BSA 250cc B25 Fleetstar. A rare bike that was designed for the Police and rarely seen in civilian trim. Starts, runs, rides, but clutch tends to slip when kick starting.

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1999 BMW R1100 S, a nice, tidy, 2x owner, good running bike that starts off the button and runs as it should. Serviced prior to MOT on the 21.09.2022. Comes with original screen, headlight protector, owners manual, service book, etc.

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1972 Honda CB350K project. 4313 miles on the clock, looks genuine but can’t guarantee it. Unused for many years so will require some work to make roadworthy. The carbs require attention as the throttle butterflies are seized and will probably be gummed up inside. I connected a jump battery, sprayed some carb cleaner in the airbox, it started and sounded good with no undue noises or smoke. Registered historic so free road tax and no mot requirements.

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